Stories from the trail

European Adventures

I took my first trip to Europe later in life. On an itinerary that led from Across Ireland, Belgium, Paris, Amsterdam and London – I was able to witness many of the gifts of the old world. The architecture, and food, and the people left me yearning for more. This gallery represents me impatiently waiting for the day I can return – and continue the adventure.

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Smokey Mountains, TN – March 2021

Our Spring `21 Trip took us to Tennessee. The Smokey mountains had tons of cool weather for outdoor adventures – a few hazardous storms, but overall, the beauty of the south shone through.

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Winter Wonderland -Pagosa Springs, Colorado

We found a great little condo off of Piedra Way – and drove up for New Years. Several days of skiing at Wolf Creek Lodge, and a few trips to the near by national forests. It was amazing to find Treasure Falls completely frozen over – after having seen it so full of activity only a few months before. Of course, the views from the Piedra river were phenomenal !

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Rocky Mountains

Our 2019 trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park was an unforgettable experience. Every inch of the land was teaming with life – and the views were stunning from dawn to dusk. Some times may be warmer or colder, but i can’t imagine a “bad” time here.

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Colorado Trails

Animal Kingdom