Stories from the trail

Winter Wonderland -Pagosa Springs, Colorado

We found a great little condo off of Piedra Way – and drove up for New Years. Several days of skiing at Wolf Creek Lodge, and a few trips to the near by national forests. It was amazing to find Treasure Falls completely frozen over – after having seen it so full of activity only a few months before. Of course, the views from the Piedra river were phenomenal !

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Rocky Mountains

Our 2019 trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park was an unforgettable experience. Every inch of the land was teaming with life – and the views were stunning from dawn to dusk. Some times may be warmer or colder, but i can’t imagine a “bad” time here.

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Colorado Trails

Grand Adventures at the Canyon

On my first introduction to the Grand Canyon – I started working on my portfolio as a landscape photographer. Each year I am afforded the opportunity to visit this natural wonder, I return and hone this craft. This trip was fun as we decided to run the gauntlet. A 15 hour drive from Texas on Friday, hiking for a few days and a 15 hour drive back to pick up the kids on Tuesday. It was a Thanksgiving i will forever be thankful for. Of course, when we got back, we packed up the kids and ran to Pagosa Springs Colorado on Thursday – 12 hour drive. But that is another album.

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