Passion for the land

I did not start discovering America until I was long after my prime. My thoughts, interests, and my lens did not extend much beyond arms reach – and for most of my life I believed that was enough. Frankly, it would never have changed if I had not met my fiancé.

An incredible woman with a fascination for the outdoors – within months of meeting she had whisked me out of my comfort zone and into the “wilderness”. OK, admittedly, we have not seen wilderness, but our adventures have carried us through deserts and mountains through rain sleet and snow. In the last few years since we met, I have seen more of this amazing land than I had seen in the decades preceding.

Which of course draws me to today. My lens bag has replaced flashes with filters and telephoto with wide angles – and despite spending more time away, I feel more at home than ever before.

My hopes are that others can see the unimagined beauty I try to capture in these images, and join us outdoors without wasting another second of their lives.